What to do on Monday night in Buenos Aires

Monday night in Buenos Aires can be kind of slow.  Most nightclubs are closed, and the bars have far fewer people.  One great option is to head to the Konex Cultural Center in Palermo (almost Abasto?)

Every Monday night at Konex, you will find “La Bomba de Tiempo” starting promptly at 7pm.  The name means “Time Bomb”, and for some very strange unknown reason, every time I hear it, I get “Let’s do the time warp again!” stuck in my head along with mental images of…  Nevermind! I chalk it down to my very misguided and wasted youth. Continue reading

Gibraltar Bar

I love fish and chips. I love good beer.

I really love both of them together, so it was with hope that we headed to Gibraltar Bar just off Av. Independencia and Peru in San Telmo.

The place is really easy to find, and upon entering, looks like your typical English pub. They have a nice wood bar, pool table in the back room and a patio out back for the smokers. Continue reading