Oh no you didn’t! Slang in Argentina

Learning Spanish is hard enough, learning how to use slang in Argentina can be harder.

How would you feel if you walked in to your friends apartment and they greeted you with “Hey Asshole!”, or “Hello Fatso!”.

It is always interesting to hear how people talk to each other in Argentina and how Argentine’s use slang.  They call each other names constantly, at all levels of society.  Sometimes they call each other names ironically as well.  They may call you Flaco (skinny) when you are very fat, and Gordo (fat) if you are “too” skinny. Continue reading

Oh no! Server Crash

You know what happens when you you start thinking “I should really make a backup”, but you don’t?

You slap yourself because you didn’t and you lost all your files and posts!

I will be trying to get what I do have saved back up and running, but it is painful to think about redoing everything.  I do have the photos backed up, so that’s a plus, just not the blog posts.  Ughh, I’ll probably have to rewrite everything :(