Chan Chan – Peruvian food in Buenos Aires

Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of many different culinary traditions: Andean, Spanish, and Asian among the most influential.  Potatoes are popular, as are beans, corn, fish, meat, etc.  Peruvian food is very popular in Buenos Aires and a Peruvian restaurant is easy to find in nearly every neighborhood.  I know of several in San Telmo, and Monserrat, but there is one in particular I wanted to tell you about…

Chan Chan!

I was told there are two locations, but I have only been to the location at Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390 in Monserrat (near the Congress).

The decor is a little funky, but in a good way and the prices are very reasonable.

The waitress brought us bread to start, and two dipping sauces.  I am not positive what is in the sauces, but I got the impression that they are the same except one is spicy.  I actually really liked the spicy one (but possibly because it’s so hard to find spicy food around here).

The bread itself was just bread, nothing special.

As usual, we ordered a few different things to get an idea of the different tastes.

The ceviche is good, I mean, really, really good.  Fresh fish, perfectly “cooked”, and an ample portion size, perfect to share.

Papa a la Huancaína are potatoes in a slightly spicy cream sauce (actually pretty easy to make too, I’ll post a recipe in the future.)

Arroz chaufa is fried rice.  Simple, not outstanding, but then again, I have never had outstanding fried rice.

Seco de Carne was the highlight of the night.  Seco de Carne is beef stewed with cilantro, and it was amazing.  It is served with beans and rice.  There are several versions of Seco on the menu including lamb and I am sure they are all worth trying.

I’ll actually post recipes for all the above in the near future (except the fried rice).


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