Gibraltar Bar

I love fish and chips. I love good beer.

I really love both of them together, so it was with hope that we headed to Gibraltar Bar just off Av. Independencia and Peru in San Telmo.

The place is really easy to find, and upon entering, looks like your typical English pub. They have a nice wood bar, pool table in the back room and a patio out back for the smokers.

The food:

Fish and Chips: The fish itself was a giant sized portion, perfectly done, and well cooked Chips.  I wasn’t a fan of the peas:  They were typical Argentina – kind of soggy, not crisp peas.  I guess that’s not just typical Argentina, but…  I hate smushy peas 🙂

Blue Cheese Burger – Good size, well done (really hard to get medium or rare around here), it needs seasoning, but the blue cheese (not sure what kind but not very strong) was good.  The BBQ sauce was also  surprisingly good!

Thai Curry:  I really liked this dish.  It was spicy without being too spicy, flavorful in the way only curries can be, and filling despite the relatively small size (compared to other dishes we’ve had here).

The Beer!

Gibraltar Bar offers a number of different beers on tap.  Some are quite good, others are so-so in my opinion.  Here is what I have tried so far:

Kolsch – Good – but not amazing.  It seems pretty traditional, but the taste wasn’t QUITE what I expected.

Stout – I liked this.  It had a very nice, coffee-ish taste, with a touch of bitter, recommended.

Apple Storm Cider – This is a sweet cider that is quite good. It comes in a bottle rather than draft.

Griffin Dry Cider – Also very good – on tap, but not nearly as sweet.

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