Taking your pet to a Veterinarian in Buenos Aires Argentina

If you need to take your pet to a veterinarian in Argentina, you have a lot of options.  The level of veterinary care in Argentina is quite high, and it is also relatively inexpensive.

There are a couple different ways to find a vet in Buenos Aires…

1. Ask a neighbor with an animal who they would recommend. Or even better, ask two or three people and see if any of them recommend the same place.

2. Google Maps – Self explanatory – search for Veterinaria and see who is close.

3. Take a walk – Look for a place that sells dog or cat food.  Many of them have an in house vet, or at they very least they will have a recommendation.


When taking our dog to the vet, we have found that veterinarians in Argentina spent far more time and were far more careful checking our pet than their counterparts in the USA (who usually spent 5 minutes or less).  Thorough exams, and actually caring about our animal’s health really stood out to us.


I have found that the cost of a consultation varies from about 120-180 pesos (8-12 USD at the current time).  The first time we took our dog to the vet, the total cost for the consultation, shots, and medication came out to 300 pesos ($20 USD right now).

The exact same vet experience in Colorado cost us well over $300 USD.

If you are in San Telmo or Monserrat, these two veterinarians are great:

San Telmo:  Veterinaria Blinka

Monserrat: Sociedad Protectora De Animales Sarmiento

You can also adopt a dog in Buenos Aires at the Sociedad Protectora De Animales Sarmiento :)

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