Dude! Where have you been?

That’s a question I have been getting lot lately from friends and readers who think we disappeared! You may have also noticed a lot of content has disappeared. I “removed” a lot of posts because after doing this for a while, I re-read them, and really want to refine the previous posts. I am not a writer by training, trade, or experience, and I saw a lot of areas that could be improved. So I am looking to spiff up those articles so they make more sense and are more entertaining or informative.

But! On to the story! Most family know what happened, but some friends and readers do not. For those that do not, I apologize. The reason we haven’t posted for quite a while is simply because we opened two restaurants!

The first was a finer dining concept but still casual. Concentrating on slow cooked comfort food, and everyday Euro favorites. The second is a bar that serves amazing Mexican food. Think Cochinita Pibil, Chicken Tinga tacos, etc. We wanted to bring everything we miss about amazing Mexican food to BSAS, because, it is sorely lacking here. There are two Mexican restaurants within a block, but all their Mexican employees came to our bar to eat. So, I feel good as a gringo trying to respect the amazing Mexican cuisine. We also got great online reviews, which doesn’t mean much, but it is always nice.

We were working from 8 am to 2-4 am, six days a week, and frankly, there were no posts because we were too exhausted to sit down and write one!!! Once we got going, things relaxed a bit because of our amazing employees, but with only Mondays off work, we didn’t want to do much other than catch up on sleep. And we were never cooking at home. We just ordered or went out because after cooking for 12 hours a day 6 days a week, there is no way I feel like cooking at home.

You will notice I used a lot of past tense. That is because we sold and no longer own either restaurant. We met a lot of amazing people, had a constant stream of repeat customers, but the Argentine economy has been sliding hard and we could sense that things were going to get real tough, real quick, so we sold.

We are super grateful to our friends that came and visited us. The new friends that came every week and that we got to know really well, and most importantly, our employees that remain lifelong friends.

I’m going to “try” to post more often. We are still cooking up some great food, and have learned a ton about Argentine cuisine. I say “try” because now we are running cooking classes and cooking privately for many of the friends we have made as well as tourists that are visiting Argentina. So we are still busy! But at a much more relaxed and rewarding pace.

We are looking forward to sharing new insights and recipes with you guys!

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